Exploring Maui in Spring 2024: Embracing Renewal & Adventure

Cypress Loop Owner Alisha Berry:

Looking back on our recent spring break trip to Maui, I’ll admit I had my doubts. It had only been eight months since Lahaina was hit by those awful fires. But after hearing how much the community needed support from tourism, we decided to go for it. And let me tell you, Maui didn’t disappoint.

Four Seasons Maui

There’s just something about Maui—those sweet tropical scents mixing with the salty ocean breeze. This time, we opted for Wailea, known for its calm beaches. And boy, was it buzzing! Spring Break and Easter had the island hopping with activities and Easter egg hunts at every resort. Watching my kids play in the waves, with sea turtles swimming nearby, was pure magic.

Wailea Beach fun in the sun

Our days were filled with adventure, like catching the sunrise at Haleakalā National Park. Pro tip: book your permits early to beat the crowds. And while we skipped the Road to Hana this time, don’t forget you need permits for some beaches along the way.

Haleakala National Park Sunrise

After watching the sunrise, we grabbed breakfast in one of the upcountry towns, enjoying a delicious spread at Freshies in Makawao. Then it was off to Mama’s Fish House for lunch in Paia. Securing a lunch reservation was a breeze, and Mama’s, with its locally caught fish and chilled-out vibe, was everything we’d heard and more.

Beach in front of Mama’s Fish House

Paia itself was a gem, especially stumbling upon “The Story” coffee shop. Chatting with the owners over cold brew made us feel right at home. And while we passed through the fire-damaged areas in Lahaina, we made sure to be respectful, understanding the community’s healing process.

Island Cream Co.

Our culinary adventures didn’t stop there—we indulged in cream pies at Monkeypod, savored watermelon salad at Kaana Kitchen, and treated ourselves to sushi at OAO. And let’s not forget the best banana bread on the island at Plantation House and turtle ice cream at Island Cream Co. Island Cream Co. even has a DIY shaved ice station!

As Maui opens its arms to travelers again, let’s approach with kindness and gratitude. Avoid prying questions about the fires and be mindful of affected areas. Our trip was a reminder of the island’s resilience and the importance of supporting its recovery efforts.

Wailea Beach Sunset View from Ferraro’s Maui

To learn more about how you can help Maui bounce back, check out the Hawaii Tourism Authority’s message here.

Cheers! Aloha! #coffeeandvacation

Our journey through Maui was a blend of discovery, solidarity, and appreciation—a testament to the island’s spirit and strength. Contact Cypress Loop Travel for your plans to visit Maui and other islands.

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