Amazon Travel Gear Deals

Looking for travel gear worth getting on Amazon?

Prime Deals:

I like how this sleep mask doesn’t press against my eyes:

Travelon Sleep Mask

I like to travel with this compression pillow:

Travel Pillow

These are quality packing cubes that press down to a smaller size:

Compression Packing Cubes

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is something that can and has happened at resorts around the world. Don’t leave it up to chance:

Portable Carbon Monoxide detector

This steamer works really well and folds up nice and small:

Travel Steamer

Since the deals keep changing on Prime day, take a look at my other travel gear recommendations on Amazon. Deals may pop up!

Perfect squishable beach hat that gets me many compliments:

Beach hat

Compression Socks for airplane travel. I like ones that are softer on my skin:

Compression Socks

Staying hydrated is key while traveling. I use these whenever I travel:

Nuun Tablets

Ignore that this Toiletry Bag is titled “for men”. My husband and I both use these. I have been through so many types of bags and this one is hands down my favorite:

Toiletry Bag

We now use AirTags in our luggage and the cards for wallets. It doesn’t replace insurance, but it sure comes in handy:

Apple Air Tags

Bright color luggage tags make it easier to find your luggage:

Luggage Tags

If you are a “overpacker” (guilty at times) you will want to bring along a small luggage scale. This is important when in countries that have strict carry on weight/size limits:

Luggage Scale

Are you one that loves to collect souvenirs and then runs out of space in your luggage? Pack this foldable duffle:


I personally enjoy having my own little blanket/scarf to bring on trips. I use it on the plane or in the hotel room when I want to snuggle up:


Try these tablets when crossing time zones to help ease that jet lag:

No Jet Lag

If traveling abroad, always check what converter/adaptor you may need to bring:

Universal Adaptor

RFID card cases are affordable and help deter identity theft:

RFID covers

Dry skin/lips from travel? This is my 3 in 1 for lips, hands, healing:

Palmers Moisturizing Stick

Stains on the go:

Tide Stick

Yes…I am going there. If you have to share a bathroom while traveling with another, don’t forget to pack a small toilet spray:

Room spray

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